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Combines the format of a trade show with the power 
of the Internet to provide a successful industry marketplace.

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NP1:  Show Case Your Products using this page with 7 Product Pictures and lots of text. It's $140.00 per year or $40.00 every 3 months.  With the News Scroller the set up is $135 and $42 every 3 months.

NP2: This page with 3 Product Pictures and text is $125.00 to set up and then only $36.00 every 3 months. 

NP3:  This page with 10 Product Pictures and text is $185.00 to set up and then only $45.00 for every 3 months.  With the News Scroller the set up is $210 and $50 every 3 months.

NP4:  Want to Test the Internet with an Product or Service? This is the place to do it. This Basic Web Site using this layout with 5 pages of text and pictures and forward your email.  Will cost $395.00 to set up and then just $36 every 3 months. ( Special $$$349.00$$$


NP5:  "Tell your story. Sell your Products." But remember a Picture is still worth 1000 words? This Standard Picture Web-Viewer is great for testing the internet.  Just $80.00 to set up using standard format, and you get a picture plus a 1000 words of text to describe your product. Just have a service (no picture and its $75.00 set up and 1500 words).  Only $36.00 every 3 months to host.


NP6:  Use this great revolving text scroller to tell your story.  Describe your product or use for Company News and Press releases. This page with 3 pictures and Text Scroller $120.00  to set up and then only $25.00 per quarter.  Make text changes for only  $15.00.


NP7:  Donít want to hassle with a web site?  Then this is the Site for you.  We do all the work, you get the glory and orders. Site comes with video and audio. POR but its in the $2000.00 range plus/ with up to 6 pages.  Cost per month to host and maintain is only $24.00.

Url will be http://www.eye4products.com/yourname.htm and comes with your email.


NP8:  3 D Virtual Reality Shows the real thing... it sells your products fast.  Present your products with 3D.  This page with  3D Picture.  Set up charge does vary according to size and number of photographs.  This is a NO PLUG-IN java based program so please allow 10 working days for programming and setup. Charges vary for set up but the quarterly hosting charges are only $36.00.   POR---I will say that its less if you do a few at a time. Again---Call 866-858-1174 for more information or email Sales


NP9:  Merchants use the expos4products.com Product Link Kiosk mini-view for a wide range of e-commerce merchandising applications: from promoting products to acquiring consumer demographic information. Product Link Kiosk System in action. Your Add For $10.00 Per Month Call 866-858-1174 to Start!  Sure way to test a product or service.  

VPD10:  Snapshot Product Display with links to your expo booth  Special $140.00 per year 


VPD11:  This unique Virtual Product Display has to be seen---its a twist and fold flyaway display for only $70.00 per year


VPD12:  Revolving display great for auto parts, computer parts, arts, crafts and jewelry still only $140.00 per year


VPD13:  Create an on line catalog of pictures you wish to sell this page with 6 pictures is $140.00 per year to host.  


VPD14:  Pictures turn pages by themselves one of the more popular product displays


VPD15:  See your products fade in and out gets the visitors attention 


Information and pricing for expos4products pricing click here

To See Master floor plan go here


NEW!!!  See www.thevirtualgallery.com for posting free art, oils water colors and crafts information.


New! Ever have something stolen, car, camera, go to www.stolenracecar.com and report it.


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