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Do you use heat in your manufacturing process?
Modern solid state induction heating is a fast, precise, non-contact alternative to furnaces, ovens and torch heating. We can improve your throughput and your quality -- watch our demonstration!


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We're heating 3" stainless steel tubes on a rotating turntable. The induction coil and remote heat station (at left) are connected to our solid state 3 kW power supply. The gray instrument at right is an optical pyrometer for temperature measurement. Details below!

Our Top 15 List of Common Questions & Answers

Our compact 3kW power supply
and remote heat station

Induction heating is clean, quick, controllable & highly selective.

CLICK HERE for more details on
our precision heating demonstration.

Our remote heat stations will bring precision heating directly to your workbench or assembly line.

We invite you to send parts samples
to our Applications Lab for a free evaluation/system recommendation.

CLICK HERE to download our 8-pg.
Tech Note, "Precision Induction
Heating With Advanced Solid State Technology."

Metal brazing is a popular
application for induction heating.

Catheter tipping and forming is
easily accomplished with precision induction heating.

Induction heating was used to cure
the paint on these tape measures.

Our USA and International Sales Departments are ready to assist you. CLICK HERE for more information on our worldwide sales agents and representatives.

What does Ameritherm do?
We manufacture solid state RF power supplies for precision induction heating applications.

You can use our power supplies for brazing, annealing, heat treating, bonding, curing, catheter tipping - virtually any process that requires selective heating of conductive materials.

What is induction heating?
It's a great alternative to furnaces, ovens and torch heating; induction produces fast, clean, non-contact and controllable heat INSIDE the part. That's right - you heat from the inside out! MORE ABOUT INDUCTION HEATING

What are you demonstrating?
We are demonstrating fast, controllable precision heating using our new Nova Star technology. Our new induction heating power supplies feature automatic digital tuning for process repeatability, a convenient remote heat station, full display and control capability and a broad operating frequency range suitable for many different parts and applications.

For our demonstration, we're using a 3 kW RF power supply, set at 286 kHz, to heat stainless steel tubes (on a turntable) up to 1,750F in approximately 4 seconds. Then we maintain this temperature for approximately 6 seconds to complete a 10-second heat cycle. You can view a series of still photographs of the demo by clicking on the graph at left.

Okay, where's your power supply?
It's located behind the backdrop of our booth and connected with about 30 ft. of cable. Our remote heat stations bring precision heating directly to your workbench or assembly line. Depending on your application, the heat station can be located up to 200 ft. away from the power supply.

How much deliverable power can you supply?
As low as 30 W, as high as 120 kW. We make compact table models, bench models and floor models.

Excuse me, where are the restrooms?
Two rows down, right next to the $4 hot dogs.

Will this work with my process and parts?
The best way to find out is to send samples to our Applications Laboratory for a free evaluation & system recommendation. Our engineers will review your parts & process requirements, and give you their best advice up front. How can you lose?

How do you know you're getting the right amount of heat?
For precise temperature control in our demonstration, we use a closed loop temperature control system with an Ircon Optical Pyrometer. A fiber-optic sensor sends a signal to a controller mounted in the base of the display. This is a two-color device to allow for changes in emissivity of the part and for a partially obstructed field of view.

Why is this running at such a high frequency?
The higher operating frequency increases the coupling efficiency of the magnetic field to the part, resulting in improved energy transfer to the part, and higher process efficiency with reduced heating time.This means you can efficiently heat smaller parts & thin walled tubing. With shorter heating times, you can increase your throughput. We have an 8-page tech note "Precision Induction Heating" with more information on high frequency induction heating. You can download it from our on-line database.

Hey, do you know where I can get some food?
Two rows down, right next to the line for the bathrooms...

I have an old 30 kW power supply. Do I need to replace it with another 30 kW unit?
Not necessarily. It depends on how much of the 30 kW is actually used to heat the part. We often find that the efficiency our solid state power supplies allows you to replace your old unit with a more efficient yet lower power model. Our 3 kW Nova Star power supply can replace older units of 5 kW output or even higher, depending on the application, and do the same job.

Would you help me with installation and training?
Sure. We often send out a field technician for two days to provide technical direction and instruction in the operation and maintenance of the equipment. The cost varies with the product, and we increase the standard one year warranty to two full years.

How tough is it to set up on my assembly line?
For easy integration into automated manufacturing systems, our Nova Star power supplies can be connected to a Programmable Logic Controller using an isolated 24-volt I/O. The RS-485 interface provides full serial I/O control and status reporting.

My feet are killing me. Do you mind if I sit down?
Not at all, but you have to read all of our sales literature before you stand up again...

Why should I work with you & not with another company?
We specialize in individual induction heating solutions. We won't send you an oversized power supply and hope that it works by brute force. We've done thousands of applications in our lab, and we have the expertise to find the best induction heating solution for your application. MORE ABOUT AMERITHERM

Okay, this might work for my process. Now what?
Call us at 1-800-456-HEAT (toll-free USA) or (716) 889-9000. Or send us an e-mail, and tell us more about what you want to do with induction heating. We also invite you to send us some sample parts for a free evaluation and system recommendation. Visit the Applications Lab section of our website for details.