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 LOOK 4 Domain Names you can bank on only $20.00 per year
Register your idea's or patent name here
protect it with a Domain Name NOW!

 The fastest and least expensive way to protect your idea. Register your idea's name here. 
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---.US is the country code Top Level Domain for the United States.

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Find sources for prior art searching, language translations, patent drafting, design, engineering, cad,cam, marketing, infringement, and many more.
USPTO Resources The USPTO Independent Inventor website dedicated to help the inventor - VERY GOOD! 
Patent Application Guide to Filing a Utility Patent Application from USPTO 
Patent Wizard Complete your own Provisional Patent Application with this easy to use software. 
The Disclosure Document  Protect your idea for only $10.00. Info. provided by US PTO. 
EPO Resources The Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk has developed an extensive multimedia tutorial. Extensive patent information, over 30 million patent documents are available. 
Patent It Yourself Dave Pressman's patenting software and book - The BEST! 
US PTO  Official US PTO Patent Database
Canada IP Office Official Canadian Patent Office
IBM Patent Server  Free, U.S. Patent search provided by IBM.
UIA United Inventors of America - lot's of articles and info. 
KuesterLaw  Very good patent law reference site 
Cornell University  Intelectual property legal information 
Radio Free PTO A Newsletter issued by the Patent Office Professional Association. 
TRIZ TRIZ provides a methodology for creative engineering design. 
NIFC National Inventor Fraud Center lists dishonest invention marketing companies(scammers).
Inventors' Digest  The Inventors' Digest magazine - the best. 
TEN  The Entrepreneur Network is a non-profit corporation helping Midwest inventors and entrepreneurs. 
Trade Show Central  Trade shows information - dates and locations. 
WIN Wal-Mart Innovation Network invention evaluation services ($200)
WSU Washington State University Innovation Assessment
NIFC National Inventor Fraud Center provides information to inventors about invention promotion companies.
NCIIA The NCIIA supports faculty and students with teaching of invention and innovation
BRIC Blue Ridge Inventors' Club, Charlottesville, VA


A.D.Little Arthur D. Little Enterprises a serious company - works on percentage.
Excel Development Marketing Toys & Games for inventors.
Skyex Hungarian Inventors looking for licensees
US DOE How to do Business with DOE.
NASA Inv. Inventions related to PNGV
FinanceHub Intersoft Solutions Inc. FinanceHub - venture capital resources.
Business Funding Directory FREE funding source locator that will match your financial needs.
U.S. DOE-II U.S. Dep. of Energy's Inventions and Innovation Program
Thomas Reg. Thomas Register Catalog of US Manufacturers.
Harris Info In-depth information to help you locate information on 400,000 Mfg.
Business.gov  Government business opportunities and Information.
SCORE On-Line Service Corps of Retired Executives is an SBA sponsored program offering free counseling to start-ups and small businesses.
CONNECTNet The Program in Technology and Entrepreneurship.
Venture Capitalization Firms: Small Business development sources. 

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 Have a New Invention you wish to Sell...now you can Post it here for Free

  • Looking for interested Experienced Investors and marketing giants. To purchase or  To get this Product off the ground.   Also Possible sale of Patent rights Neg.  If you are LOOKING for a great product that is Patented and ready now for Production. I have many references and tests Help is needed    PAUL CORRADO      818-886-2599   Corradopaul@cs.com
  • Please check my web site  of new inventions I would like to marketing around the world this and other worlds first ideas    www.FrontlineEngineering.com.au       
  • The Aqua-Stroller™ combines these two attributes to provide a inter-generational water experience. The Aqua-Stroller™ makes babysitting a positive experience for adults and makes participation in an adult's exercise routine a positive experience for children.  www.aqua-stroller.com
  • All new concept of a board game,U.S. Pat.# 5,992,852.Willing to negotiate any reasonable offers for marketing game.Randy Brooks, 319-925-2315 or drummerboy@n-connect.net
  • Solar Powered Mobile Vending Machine
  • Award winning, patented baby product. Has been consumer tested with overwhelming results. Owner willing to license or sell patent to this product with the potential of becoming a multi-million dollar business.  Inquire for further details.
  • I have a provisional application number about how to speed the computers an n time for each adjustment of transistors.                                                                            I have a patent application number about a selection of steel bars for construction according to formulas which cut the weight of steel used in a construction project by 30 percent.                                                                                                                           I have a provisional application number about a theory that links gravity to magnetism. its application a motor that works with very low electricity consumption (1/10 of normal)
    I have a provisional application number about a TV as thin as a sheet and works without projection. can be used for walls, desks, cars.  Can also be used for screens (cell, computers, etc...) hanna albert awad 810-825-2340 hnawad@yahoo.com
  • This snow shovel has a unique adjustable blade that allows you to push snow to the right or left side of the path in which you wish to make. It also has a handle that is "T-shaped", which allows you to push easier. The handle also has two levers to allow you to pivot the blade. Patent no.Des.373,292 is for sale or licensing. Please contact: Jeff Motley at Email address or 138 Navajo Drive, Auburn, PA. 17922-9502 (570) 739-4060  jeffmotlet0@lycos.com
  • Adjustable Tires with Retractable Tread Blocks - Tires with retractable tread blocks for mud and snow traction, off-road capability, and on-road performance. Concept car tire that automatically adapts to changing road conditions.
  • Automated Ripper Depth Adjustor Apparatus - For landscaping implements and tractor towed implements.
  • Automatic Storewindow Display - Suitable for any kind of shop window.
  • Backup Buddy - Useful for anyone who owns a trailer or camper.
  • BertivR Enterprises - Autohanger invention jacket car auto.
  • CVT Systems, Inc. - Invention in need of resources: all mechanical, continuously variable speed transmission.
  • Call Roy - Inventions and ideas for sale and licensing.
  • Canopy - Canopy invention for riding lawn mowers.
  • Cellular Phone Accessories - Patented cellular phone accessories.
  • Close Enough Clock - An easier way to tell time. Many kinds of clocks and watches may use this new design.
  • Computer Users Anti-Stress Devices - Computer Users detachable devices to reduce computer stress.
  • Consumer Products Research - Providing invention development services.
  • Dental Patents - Abstracts and links to full copies of dental patents and listings of dental patents offered for sale or licensing.
  • FEG Ideas & Concepts / earthsaver0909 - Item which will conserve the earth's natural resources.
  • FireFly Push Pin - Traditional looking push pin that when pressed into a board or wall lights up.
  • Free Invention Listing - The place for inventors and investors. Free invention listing.
  • G.P.J. Inventions. - U.K. Inventions for sale or license.
  • GreatIdea.co.uk - United Kingdom company that brings ideas and money together.
  • Gregs Patents - Three US patents that are available for sale or license.
  • Hearing Aid - Rights available to intellectual property for hearing aid, breathable material and vehicle light system designs
  • Heated Firearm Stocks - Hot Grips Stock Company has developed a heated firearm stock. The stock warms the shooters hand while hunting in cold weather.
  • Homerun Baseball - Multi-player table top baseball game. Patent rights are now for sale.
  • Machine for mechanized seed removing from the pepper - The machine is intended for the canning industry, for removing the seeds from the pepper, which is used for roasting, sousing, as well as for general use.
  • Motorized Steer for Roping - For sale.
  • New Inventions for Sale - Inventions for sale or licence.
  • Now you can decorate your house like a professional with the use of the
    "Light Socket Cover System"  Akaan5@aol.com
  • New sound compression and Internet technologies - Laurent TESTUD website, Software Engineer, Resume, career details and white papers about new sound compression and internet related technologies.
  • On-Site Solar/Wind Power Storage - Investment opportunity for near-zero-loss flywheel battery to store on-site solar and wind power, for buildings, and even electrified highways.
  • Patent Café - Patent Mart - Free listings for inventors who want to make their patents available, and for companies looking for patents to license.
  • Patents for License - Licensing of issued patents.
  • Patents for sale - Patents for sale or for license.
  • Planar Means for Indicating a Gratuity as a Function - Allows diners in restaurants, hotels, and bars to indicate the tip amount on their bill.
  • QuakeProtect - QuakeProtect is a new invention that protects any kind of structure even against severe earthquakes
  • Quest Technologies Inc. - Assist inventors with their inventions.
  • Real Commerce - Patent pending product which avoids the clothespins falling down from the clothesline.
  • S. Matveev - Listing of inventions by S. Matveev.
  • Stay-Dry Toilet Seat - Inventor seeks help commercializing toilet seat invention.
  • Sure Shot Toilet - Combination Toilet/Urinal - eliminates the typical problems of the toilet experienced between men and women.
  • The Bath Relaxer - After working hard all day and the only thing you want is to take a bath and relax.
  • The Nozz - The Hot Water Safety Discharge System - The Hot Water Safety Discharge System (HWSDS) was issued patent number 5,893,521.
  • The Thoughtful Card - International patent on a reusable greeting card
  • The future of aviation - A patented unmanned aircraft.
  • Unique new board game patent - Shows patent information and description of game.
  • Universal Security Alarm Invention - Inventor for Security Alarm seeks manufacturer.
  • VTMG engine - Revolutionary Engine invention: Claims the explosion force adds to the kinetic energy of the crankshaft in this special design (Bilingual site).
  • tzarfat 2,000 inc. - Inventions for sale.
  • zPatents.com
  •  Us Patent and Trademark Office


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