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Simply submitting to the search engine does not guarantee you'll receive any new visitors. If people cannot find you in the first 10 to 20 matches of a search, then submitting was a waste of time.

The best advertising dollars you can spend on the Web are in achieving search engine and directory rankings. There are several reasons:

  1. Nearly everyone begins their Web travels at a major search engine.
  2. Anyone finding your site on a search engine or directory is someone who was specifically looking for your company, product or service. That makes them much more likely to buy something than if they'd clicked on a banner ad out of idle curiosity.
  3. Third party studies have proven that search engines and directories provide better results than other forms of Web advertising.

The cost of traditional advertising is very expensive:

  • The average business magazine* has a circulation of about 700,000 and the ad is in for one issue --- 14 days. Avg Cost: $64,084.00.
  • The average internet magazine* has a circulation of under 500,000 and the ad is for one issue ----14-22 days. Avg Cost: $33,154.00.
  • The average circulation of the Yellow Pages* in a major metropolitan area is a bit over 1 million and lasts one year: Avg Cost: $72,340.00.

* Business magazine average includes Business Week, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Inc.
* Internet magazine average includes The Industry Standard, Wired, Business 2.0, and Yahoo! Internet Life.
* Yellow Page average includes Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, New York, and Miami.

This only relates indirectly to what we do except that we are global, it can last a long time, targets in a very precise way and is probably the lowest cost per customer of any form of advertising.

How do you think the most successful Web sites advertise?
How should you spend your advertising dollars?

Banner Advertising is a Losing Game:

According to a July study by WebCMO (http://WebCMO.com), guess what the most effective advertising strategy is for Web marketers?

  • Banner ads?
  • Print ads?
  • Spam mail?

Sorry, none of the above! The most effective method of generating Web site traffic is "Search Engine Submissions,"  followed closely by "Solicited or Opt-In Email". And, as any savvy Web marketer knows, submitting alone does nothing to bring you more traffic. You must be positioned in the first one to two pages of results to be found.

The following scale demonstrates how each Web marketer rated the over-all effectiveness of the following methods on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the
most effective.

  • Search Engine Submissions 4.45
  • Pay-per-click search keywords 4.19
  • Offline Advertising 3.54
  • Press Release 3.30
  • Banner Advertising 2.85
  • Discussion Forums 2.83
  • Solicited or Opt-In Email 2.64
  • Sponsorships 2.61
  • Newsgroups 2.46
  • Strategic Linking 2.44
  • Spam 0.8

Search engine positioning along with the major directories is the most cost effective way to promote a Web site. Recent studies prove that banner advertising is becoming less and less effective. On average, banner ads result in click-through rates of less than 1% (NetRatings study, June through December 2000). Since most Web sites are charged between $40 and $60 per one thousand "impressions" (which means they charge you for every time someone sees your banner ad regardless whether or not they click on it and visit your site), you'd be lucky if your $60 of banner ads resulted in six or seven visits for your site!

If you're wanting to increase the visitors to your site, as well as your sales, then call us today. We'll take care of all the details so you don't have to. Let us start launching your pages to the top of the search results today!

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