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eye4products needs industry scouts to locate new products and services


eye4products.com faces the business challenges of the this millennium by launching the most aggressive, cost-effective, and by far the most exciting B2B portal for the introduction of new products and services while matching Sales Agents to Manufactures.  With over 85,000 exciting products introduced every year our goal is to have a portal for Manufactures, Sales Agents and Venture Capitalization Firms to find out the latest information.

If you have good people skills and a desire to achieve high levels of success, then we need you.  Please email us your resume and let us introduce you to the exciting environment of eye4products.com, Inc.  We are an equal opportunity employer.  Send your resume to Sales@eye4products.com

The rising cost of travel has many businesses cutting back on on-site trade shows and sales presentations.  This is the salespeople’s opportunity to increase their income while working from your own home office.  eye4products.com is always available to tour on the attendee’s desktop computers! eye4products.com never closes.  It is available for new and existing customers’ comparative research 24/7/365.

We have openings for independent sales agents and volunteers New Product Scouts managers for all industries.  Send your resume to: Sales@eye4products.com.

We have openings for independent designers.  Send us your samples on-line only. Send your resume to: .  

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