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Global Privacy Statement for eye4products.com

(Last update) 9/11/2000


eye4products.com takes safeguarding online privacy seriously. Please read the following to understand eye4products.com's privacy practices.


From time to time, eye4products.com may need to change its privacy statement because of changes in its business, or in its attempts to serve your needs better. eye4products.com will use reasonable efforts to publish any changes to its privacy statement.


What information does eye4products.com gather?


There are times when eye4products.com may need to gather specific information from you such as your name and address, among other personal information. Information that is essential for eye4products.com to provide the services and/or products that are requested by you is generally designated as "Required". Additional information that would allow eye4products.com flexibility in providing its services or products, and may be used for internal statistical studies or market research, is generally indicated as "Optional". For example, a credit card number is required when ordering a product, whereas a fax number may not be essential, but would provide another means of communication between you and eye4products.com.


The choice of how much personally identifiable information you disclose to eye4products.com is completely at your discretion. It is never mandatory for you to answer any question, although it may limit the services and products that eye4products.com is able to offer.


How does eye4products.com use personal information?


When you submit personal information to eye4products.com, you understand that you are agreeing to allow eye4products.com, its subsidiaries, and its affiliates, access to, storage of, and use of, the data in any of the countries where eye4products.com, its subsidiaries, and its affiliates, do business, whether inside or outside of the United States.


eye4products.com may use the personal information you submit for any purposes related to eye4products.com's business, including, but not limited to, generating statistical studies, conducting market research, improving its products and services, sending you surveys, and notifying you of product upgrades and updates, new products, special offers, seminars and conventions and any other changes within eye4products.com that may affect you.


What choices do you have about how your personal information is used and what is eye4products.com's commitment to data quality and reliability?


eye4products.com respects your privacy and realizes that not everyone likes to receive special offers or information.


If you would like your name deactivated from eye4products.com's lists, or if you would like to unsubscribe from eye4products.com's e-mail bulletins, please use the contact information below to request that eye4products.com deactivate you from its lists. Be sure to include your name, postal address, telephone number, information contained in your eye4products.com mailer, and/or other necessary information requested for deactivation.


If you believe that eye4products.com may not have your correct and current personal information, you may update your information any time by using the contact information below to inform eye4products.com of changes in your personal information.


eye4products.com will use reasonable efforts to honor your requests, but we appreciate your patience in allowing us a reasonable amount of time for processing.


Does eye4products.com share the information that it gathers with third parties?


eye4products.com shares data with third parties as a value-added service that will assist you in finding products or services which you may not normally come across in daily life. eye4products.com carefully reviews the materials of third parties and only selects those, which it believes would interest you. However, eye4products.com does not assume responsibility for any actions of third parties.


Should you decide you would not like your information shared with third parties, please use the contact information below to request that eye4products.com deactivate you from its lists. eye4products.com will use reasonable efforts to honor your requests. Please be aware that eye4products.com has no control over removing your personal information from the lists of third parties. If you continue to receive materials from third parties after informing eye4products.com to deactivate your name, please notify the particular third parties regarding deactivation of your personal information.


Does eye4products.com share the information that it gathers with government agencies or law enforcement?


eye4products.com reserves the right to monitor, and disclose to, government officials or law enforcement, without your consent, any communications and personally identifiable information, whenever prompted to do so, by legal authorities, even when you have requested that your information not be disclosed to third parties.


What is eye4products.com's commitment to data security?


eye4products.com recognizes your concern for security, and will use reasonable efforts to establish secure connections with you and to limit access to databases containing personal information to authorized personnel only.


Does eye4products.com use cookies?


"Cookies" give users a unique, random ID by storing small text files onto a user's computer hard drive with the user's browser. Cookies enable a web site to track a user's activities on a web site.

For example, eye4products.com uses cookies on its home page to save users time so they do not have to choose a country site each time they visit eye4products.com's web site. eye4products.com also uses cookies on some download pages to speed up users' activities in not having to register more than once. These are just examples of how eye4products.com uses cookies. eye4products.com may use cookies in other areas on its web site now and in the future.


eye4products.com's cookies do not contain personally identifying information. Users are free to change their web browsers to prevent the acceptance of cookies.


Are there online risks?


You should be aware of risks when you communicate on public newsgroups and message boards. On these forums, personal information may be collected and used by others outside of eye4products.com to send unsolicited e-mails or postal mailings. eye4products.com has no control over these actions. You should not post any information on these forums that you wish to keep private.


What are eye4products.com's contact procedures?


If you believe eye4products.com has not adhered to its privacy statement, if you would like to be deactivated from eye4products.com's lists, or if you would like to update your personal information, you may notify eye4products.com by e-mail, telephone, fax, or postal mail. eye4products.com will use reasonable efforts to promptly resolve any issues.


eye4products.com Contact Information:


E-mail Address: info@eye4products.com

Postal mail: eye4products.com

Attn: eye4products.com Privacy

20159 Lassen St.

Chatsworth, Ca 91311

Telephone: 866.858.1174

Fax: 503.907.6597 (e-Fax)

Attn: eye4products.com Privacy


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